Mike Higgins Managing Consultant

Thank you for visiting Circularwise 

We are strategic advisers on the development of ‘Circularity’ based business models for product producers, reuse processing partners and inventive waste stream transformation ventures.

Whats sets us apart is our pragmatic focus on the commercial opportunity and added corporate value that ‘Circularity’ design and operational disciplines deliver.

Our clients include; major product producers, new waste transformation ventures,  government economic development agencies and venture capital investors

The Founder of Circularwise; Mike Higgins, has for many years championed the Circular Economy concept in terms of it enabling organisations to reduce supply chain costs, gain market advantage whilst achieving the highest sustainability standards.

Today the ‘Circular Economy’ is  rapidly developing into a major new ‘digital’ age industrial structure. It is creating new valuable employment within many new ventures and expanded ‘recovery for reuse’ operations within established firms. The ‘Circularity’ industry success is predicated on “The progression from recycling to product reuse processing”.